The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional
The Lipstick Gospel Devotional

The Lipstick Gospel Devotional

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 A 90 day devotional to help you consistently connect with God — hearing from Him, trusting His plans, and feeling His presence in your everyday life.

We have to stop talking about God like He’s boring.

The way we often talk about Him, you’d think He was a hall monitor with a clipboard, yelling things like, “No running!” “Keep your voices down!” and “Do that one more time, and you’ll have detention!” 

It’s no wonder our faith so easily grows stale, that we find ourselves religiously checking boxes and calling it a day.

Now, God absolutely has ideas for how to best live our lives, and of course, that includes things He says not to do, but that's not the whole story.

When we talk about God like this, we forget about all the other things He is: How powerful God is, how deeply good He is, how loving He is — He's also so much fun! 

God is a God of delight, and best friends, and laughing so hard you cry (or pee your pants). He’s trips to the mountains, and your toes in the sand, and love beyond anything you even knew your heart could hold. He's healing, and redemption, and the best friend you could ever have.

We serve an incredible, gigantic, mighty, adventurous God, and The Lipstick Gospel Devotional will help you get to know Him better.

One day at a time, it’ll help you get closer to the God who loves you and the beautiful life He has planned for you.


This 90-day devotional will help you:

+ Consistently spend time with God (and feel connected to Him well beyond your morning quiet times!)

+ Trust the plans God has for your life (and help you figure out what those plans are!)

+ Step into your God-given identity (feeling truly beautiful & good enough in your skin)

+ Keep your faith strong in the midst of transition, uncertainty, and really hard days

+ Add more joy, more delight, and even more whimsy to your everyday life

+ And so much more... 


Several months ago, I was speaking at an event and, when I got off the stage, one of the women came up to me with a question.

“I want this,” she told me, “I’ve been a Christian all my life, but my relationship with God just isn’t as rich and colorful as the one you described. I want to know God better, to trust Him, and to see Him do amazing things in my life. But I have no idea how to get there. What do I do next?”

This devotional is my very best answer to her question: 90 days of small steps toward a fuller relationship with God, with our lives, and with ourselves.

The Lipstick Gospel Devotional is about God and our relationships with Him, and how to find Him in our everyday lives.

It’s about rest, and celebration, and learning to love ourselves.

It’s about travel, and whimsy, and toes in the sand, about the transformative power of best friends, and a really great chocolate croissant.

It’s a reminder that there’s never anything too broken for God to heal or redeem, and a dare to say yes to the plan He has for our lives.

This beautiful, 320-page paperback devotional, measures 5.5 x 8.5"

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"If you're looking for the most practical, personal, life-changing devotional, this is it! It's the perfect balance of excitement, love, adventure, hard truth, uncut vulnerability, and sound doctrine wrapped into one. It's unlike anything I've ever read and is truly one-of-a-kind. You will not regret a single penny spent on this book!"


"As I've worked through this devotional, God has become my absolute best friend. This devotional has been a game-changer for my faith and I've recommended it to all of my friends!"


"This devotional is a fun way to build a stronger relationship with God and yourself. Filled with witty anecdotes and relatable messages, this book shows you how to pray better and bigger! I looked forward to reading every day and after the 90 days were up, I truly was closer to God than ever!"


"Stephanie is so relatable. Every day felt like it was written just for me. Whether you're just meeting Jesus, trying to reconnect, or are still unsure, this book reminds you of who God really is and how you can find Him in your everyday life. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and talk to God like you've never done before. I loved it so much, I have a few extras on hand to give to friends in times of struggle. You won't be disappointed. This is one you'll want to do over and over!"


"Have you ever read a book that was so good you just had to share it with a friend? But also... that book was so good that you just had to write all over the margins and keep it for yourself to reread and look back on? This. Is. That. Book.

This book will make you laugh and cry and both at the same time all on one page. I have never felt closer to God than I do since engaging with The Lipstick Gospel Devotional."


"Stephanie, your devotional has made me realize so much, and I'm barely halfway through. God loves me for who I am, He is always there with me no matter where I go, I can find him in my everyday life, there is never anything too broken for God, and He can and WILL redeem the broken things in my life. I've started saying yes to the plan He has for my life, and I'm never going back!"


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