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Forever Keychain

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God gave me this reminder during one of the most challenging seasons of my life, and I'm so honored to get to pass it on to you.

May it be a reminder that what you're going through is temporary. Things will not always be this hard. You will get through this.

But also, may it be a reminder that while it's not easy, there are still things about this season that are beautiful and precious. There are lessons to learn and moments to be savored.

May these words be to you what they've been to me: A much-needed comfort in the midst of some really hard days, and also a reminder not to miss any of the goodness woven into them. 

God gave me this reminder last year on my birthday.

I love my birthday. It's a day I look forward to all year, and it's my annual mission to make it as fun and special as possible.

This year, however, was different.

Instead of resting, relaxing, or going out with friends on my birthday, I was standing in my closet (un-showered and still in my PJs), desperately trying to get one of my brand new babies to fall asleep

(PSA: Closets are great for rocking babies. They're extra quiet and extra dark. But be prepared: Once the baby does fall asleep in the closet, you're pretty much stuck in there unless you want to wake them back up).

As I wrestled with the screaming bundle of joy in my arms, trying to find a position where she felt comfortable, trying to sooth her, trying to get both of us a bit of rest, I didn't feel love or gratitude or anything of the sort. I felt disappointment and frustration. This kiddo was ruining my birthday. 

That moment was one of many in one of the most truly challenging seasons of my life. Navigating life as a new mom of twins, during a pandemic, while also trying to work and also still be a wife, and a whole person, and a person with passable hygiene pushed me to the brink of what I thought I could handle and then miles beyond it.

And on top of all that I was going through at the time, I was also missing out on my favorite day of the year — my birthday.

But that's when God stepped in. As I rocked and swayed and shushed in the closet — feeling increasingly frustrated — a new thought popped into my head exactly when I needed it and it said this: "It won't be this way forever." 

It was simple, it was clear, and it was calm. (That's why I instantly knew those were God's words... not mine.)

It won't be this way forever. 

And with those words came a new perspective.

This is the only birthday of my life that I'll spend trapped in a closet rocking twins to sleep. This is the only birthday of my life that they'll be this young, that life will be this exact brutal brand of hard. It won't always be like this. That thought was so comforting.

But then, as I looked down at my baby Quinn, now sleeping peacefully in my arms, those words took on a second meaning. "It won't be this way forever." This moment — however difficult — also has achingly beautiful things about it that won't be here forever either.

Next year my babies won't be babies anymore, and with that realization I pulled her closer and began to cry.

This phrase has become a touch-point between me and God in the months since, and I am so honored to get to share it with you. 

May it be a reminder that what you're going through is temporary. Things will not always be this hard. You will get through this. But also, may it be a reminder that while it's not easy, aspects of what you're going through right now are beautiful and precious. There's so much to be savored about this season. May it be a reminder not to miss this.

- Gold with smooth white enamel, this classically beautiful keychain is a quiet reminder you can take with you everywhere — bringing you hope and inspiration wherever you might need it.

- The keychain measures 1.5" x 1.5"

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